Forget Duo Madrid, Valencia Can Be a Barca Challenger This Season

Forget Duo Madrid, Valencia Can Be a Barca Challenger This Season

Sorry for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. So far Valencia has a great potential to compete in the top flight, being opposed to Barcelona’s equivalent.

Valencia are still faithfully stalking Barcelona at the top of the standings after a 2-0 win over Espanyol at the weekend. Goals scored by Geoffrey Kondogbia and Santi Mina make El Che collect 30 points, just behind four of Barca.

Valencia’s glorious performance is good news for the La Liga race, given Barcelona is now far behind two main rivals: Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. The giant Spanish capital’s duo are 10 points adrift.

Back to Valencia, the Mestalla-based club is undergoing a revival. The win at home to Espanyol was their eighth successive streak. Valencia also became one of the clubs, apart from Barca and Atletico, who are unbeaten.

Season to Forget Valencia

What experienced Valencia this season is very different than last season. From the first 13 weeks of 2016/2017, the club bathed the black logo that only got 3 wins, two draws and eight defeats. Valencia when it was in position 17 of the standings.

Valencia’s condition is very bad. Cesare Prandelli, their fifth manager of the year, decided to resign in December. A month ago Sports Director, Jesus Garcia Pitarch, took turns putting his position.
If Valencia are not relegated at the end of the season, they deserve to thank Voro Gonzalez. Appointed as interim, Voro led Valencia finished in 12th position standings. Just like the previous season.

Forget Duo Madrid, Valencia Can Be a Barca Challenger This Season Mestalla stadium re-excited after Valencia appear okay at the beginning of this season (Manuel Queimadelos Alonso / Getty Images)

But Voro was also not last long at the Mestalla. Six months interim status, he decided to resign. Valencia returns in an erratic period after the season ends.

Series of conditions that make Valencia can no longer compete in the top of the standings. Though Valencia is one of the most successful club La Liga, with a total of six titles champion.

With Rafael Benitez in the manager’s seat and players like Ruben Baraja, David Albelda, Vicente Rodriguez, John Carew, Pablo Aimar and Mista, Valencia won two La Liga titles in the three-year period in 2001/2002 and 2003/2004.

The Rise of Black Bats

If the Black Bat is now flying high again, it certainly is not obtained by sudden. If it can be traced, all started from the recruitment of Mateu Alemany as director of the club, March 2017. Alemany is the former president of Real Mallorca. A month after Alemany arrived, Valencia had a new president in Anil Murthy.

Alemany made a revolution in the body of Valencia. He knew to be able to break the existing conditions at his club needed a new figure in the coach’s seat. So diboyongnya Marcelino García Toral, a man who for four previous seasons to be the captain of Villarreal.

Duo Alemany and Toral then build a new squad of Valencia. Instead of looking for experienced and reputable players, Valencia formed a team of young people and built a solid squad. Based on Transfermarkt data, Valencia have the youngest squad average in La Liga this season (25.1 years).

Marcelino build Valencia rely on young players Marcelino build Valencia rely on young players Photo: Manuel Queimadelos Alonso / Getty Images

The combination of coach Marcelino Garcia Toral with young players is not just making Valencia a tactical change. The total change took place at the club. So names like Nani and Alvaro Negredo were kicked out last summer.

Instead came the likes of Simone Zaza, Gabriel Paulista, as well as loan players like Guedes, Geoffrey Kondogbia, and Jeison Murillo. One is for sure, Marcelino does not bring in players whose age is more than 26 years. Opportunities are also given to academy players such as Carlos Soler and Rodrigo.

This young team was able to converge quickly. Armed with young players and have a great desire to prove themselves, Marcelino make the most of the advantage.

Zaza has scored nine goals so far, when he underwent a bad period at West Ham United. Valencia also have young players who are predicted to be the future stars of Portugal in Goncalo Guedes (loan PSG), there are also Kondogbia that failed at Inter, and Neto who had been drowned in the shadow of Gianluigi Buffon. On the other hand the old players are also still given the chance to prove themselves, which later proved successful on Daniel Parejo and Jose Luis Gaya.

On the field Valencia always appear with high intensity. Marcelino is known to be obsessed with diet and food restrictions. These factors help a lot of players

The young Valencia players’ blood made them the most aggressive club in La Liga so far. Valencia became the club with the most number of violations until before the international break last week. This must be wary of coach Marcelino. Do not let the important players of Valencia absent in big games because they get the ban ban.

But Valencia’s supporters probably will not want to think about it first. They are now rejoicing over the revival of his favorite team.

And certainly, Valencia supporters are now enthusiastically looking forward to meeting his team with Barcelona in the 14th week of La Liga Primera, exactly the next week, Monday (27/11/2017).

PS TNI Godok New Name


PS TNI Godok New Name

TNI PS Management continues to finalize plans to change headquarters and club names. Currently some names are being drafted to appear in League 1 2018.

Plan PS PSI renamed previously leaked PSSI Chairman Edy Rahmayadi. He called PS TNI will also move the cage from Bogor to Bantul, Central Java.

“It is still matured, this week there is an official decision whether the stadium or the name,” said TNI PS Manager Rudi Yulianto when contacted by reporters on Thursday (14/12/2017).

The new name of the TNI PS will be designed in such a way as to be close to the community. With the name of the current military smell as if there is a distance between the team and the community.

“Later management and players remain the same, the new name is expected from the side of football closer to the community,” he said.

Meanwhile, regarding the new cage PS TNI, Rudi said the largest option is at the Stadium Sultan Agung Bantul. According to him in Bantul there is no elite club that appears in the highest competition.

“Because playing in Bekasi is not possible because there are two clubs In Bandung also exist, so Bantul is one that we try to process, in addition to the related verification from the operator,” he said.

“In Bantul there are already clubs, but maybe with the presence of clubs that play in the elite competition, can further turn on football there,” said Rudi.

Doctor Persib Reveal Condition Van Dijk, Kim, and Tantan

Doctor Persib Reveal Condition Van Dijk, Kim, and Tantan

Sergio Van Dijk, Kim Jefrey Kurniawan, and Tantan are still in healing period so they can not join Persib Bandung.

It was revealed Rafi Gani who is a team doctor Persib. According to Rafi, the three players began to show good progress.

For Van Dijk, for example, the injury is relatively healed and just restore physical fitness alone. While Kim Jeffrey is still in recovering with therapy and can walk without a stick.

“He also has started doing light exercise,” said Rafi when met at Seskoad field, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Bandung, Thursday (14/12/2017).

Meanwhile Tantan is still a problem in the right knee. Based on the information he got, Tantan still felt a little pain. It plans to bring Tantan back to an orthopedic specialist for a follow-up examination.

“We’ll take Tantan to an orthopedic specialist, we’ll see if we need follow-up or what,” he said.

Even so, he called the injuries suffered by Tantan did not enter into the weight category so that the recovery period later predicted did not last long.

“If you look at Tantan, the recovery of this injury will be fast, because I know what Tantan is like, although in general the recovery time of the bone takes up to six months,” he said.

Dortmund Keeps Believing Full of Bosz

Dortmund Keeps Believing Full of Bosz

Bad performance Borussia Dortmund later made Peter Bosz in threat Agen piala dunia 2018. But club officials continue to trust Bosz completely.

Bosz actually started the season with extraordinary when Dortmund brought him drove at least in the first seven weeks and topped the standings. But the honeymoon Bosz and Dortmund got there.

Because after that Dortmund began to drop dramatically appearance, both in the Bundesliga and Champions League. In the Champions League, Dortmund certainly failed to the round of 16 and his chances to the Europa League was not as good.

Meanwhile, in the Bundesliga, a 1-1 draw with 10 Bayer Leverkusen players in the 14th week on Saturday (2/12/2017) night, made the fast victory extend to six consecutive games with details of two draws and four defeats.

Though Dortmund before it had won four consecutive matches. Naturally Bosz is now in a threat position considering Dortmund are behind 10 points from Bayern Munich at the top of the league although the season still leaves 20 games.

However, Dortmund apparently remain full confidence in the Dutchman’s coach and believes the team will soon rise.

“No (contacting another coach) We want to rise up with Peter Bosz,” Dortmund sporting director Michael Zorc told Sky.

Chelsea and Arsenal Interested in Peter Gulacsi

Chelsea and Arsenal Interested in Peter Gulacsi

Chelsea are now setting their sights on RB Leipzig goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi

The former Liverpool goalkeeper has shown a good game with the Bundesliga runner-up last season, and has shown consistent success this season.

The UK-based media said that Chelsea and Arsenal sent representatives to watch the Hungarian national team perform in a game against Bayern Munich over the weekend.

The report states that Arsene Wenger has seen a substitute for Petr Cech’s figure.

The Blues also see Gulacsi as a potential successor to Thibaut Courtois if he leaves at the end of the season for Real Madrid.

Gulacsi agent James Lippett told the media crew last week: “We remain very calm about speculation, normal when players play well, other teams will be interested in them.”

“Peter played very well and has proved himself to be one of the most reliable goalkeepers in the Bundesliga.”

“He is a fantastic goalkeeper with a top-class mentality, Leipzig shows a lot of confidence to Peter to make it part of their ambitious project.”

Begovic: Chelsea Opportunity Still Open

Begovic: Chelsea Opportunity Still Open

Coming to the Bournemouth action against Chelsea next weekend in English Premier League, Asmir Begovic warned Manchester duo that his former club could still surprise this summer.

Now the Blues are undoubtedly able to maintain the Premier League trophy, the article in the last few games reap bad results and the absence of a new face that can contribute greatly to a team other than Alvaro Morata.

However, after the West London club back on track by winning the last two matches in different competitions as well as the length of the competition then Begovic believes Chelsea can shift The Citizens and also the Red Devils who now ranks first and second league.

“They are a great team,” Asmir Begovic told the media.

“This is a long season and there are 30 matches left.

“Manchester City are now on top but things can still happen.

“Where you can get injured, no match ban and game loss.

“So I will not rule out Chelsea first.”

Without Andritany, Persija Prepare Goalkeeper Opponent Borneo FC

Without Andritany, Persija Prepare Goalkeeper Opponent Borneo FC

Persija Jakarta certainly without Andritany Ardhiyaksa against Borneo FC, Saturday (28/7). Although without a major goalkeeper, Macan Kemayoran not too worried because it has a compensation worth.

“There must be a replacement for Andritany, wait for the name to play later. Andritany has been playing, “said coach Persija Stefano Cugurra Teco, Tuesday (24/10) after training at Soetasoma Field, Halim, Jakarta.

There are two goalkeepers who prepared Persija, is Daryono and Rizky Darmawan. The Brazilian coach said both goalkeeper coaches are ready to play even though currently only a coating only.

“Surely both players want to perform, this helps them to get excited. They do not need special preparation, because the training has continued with us. We have a good goalkeeper, a good defender, our players are qualified, “he added.
For whoever will play, Teco is still keeping it a secret. Although Rizky Darmawan is often on the reserve list, Teco says it is not a guarantee. Likewise Daryono who was downgraded against Sriwijaya FC while replacing the injured Andritany.

“Daryono many in the army, sometimes can not come with us because he played in the army too. So get in line-up instead of size. For who will play I can not talk now at this time both still have a chance, “he concluded.

Spalletti: Napoli Successfully Become A Serie A Icon

Spalletti: Napoli Successfully Become A Serie A Icon

Inter coach Luciano Spalletti explains if Napoli are currently an icon for Italian football, but he has not ruled out the team he is currently training in the title race

Only two points separate them, who are top of the table after eight games.

“We have done well for the work the team has done,” said the 58-year-old coach at a press conference.

“Napoli has been working on the same project for three years. It depends on the evaluation and analysis made. In fact they’ve become an icon for Serie A football. ”

“Still, we can not forget the other team because it could be a mistake to underestimate them.”

“Roma are also a very good team, I know them well.”

“Roma had good results last season and lazio is also there.”

“They have picked up important results over the past two or three seasons. After them, there’s Milan. ”

“There is talk of six teams fighting for the top four, but we have to see if we can stay on top of the table.”

Herrie: Persib Still Many Disadvantages

Herrie: Persib Still Many Disadvantages

Persib Bandung will again undergo heavy game in advanced Traveling Tripoka League 1 on Thursday tomorrow.

The idol bobotoh team will be tested by one of the champions, Madura United at their home, Si Starling Harupat, Soreang.

Not an easy task for Maung Bandung to be able to beat the guest team nicknamed Sape Warriors are often though playing at home.

Without victory in the last six games Maung Bandung to make their mental is not in the best condition. Playing at home, which is a mainstay of Persib during the previous seasons is now seeming to have no trace, with a draw in the last four games.

Persib coach who handles during Emral Abus absent, Herrie Setyawan highlight two things to note, namely the solid schedule and the weak point Maung Bandung.

“Persib still have shortcomings, we have to evaluate again with this mepet schedule. We must meet Madurese opponents. We take advantage of these two days ahead of opponents Madura (United), “said Herrie.

“Evaluation yesterday, we a lot of second-half attack (when the opponent PSM) we can stand them and can do but missed in the last minute, maybe because of luck alone in Persib.”

Reasons Indonesia Absent in Asian Cup Qualification 2019

Reasons Indonesia Absent in Asian Cup Qualification 2019

Football fans in the country must be wondering where the Indonesian national team when its rivals from the ASEAN region are struggling to qualify for the 2019 Asian Cup. Garuda troops are sidelined due to the punishment ever imposed AFC.

Currently a number of ASEAN countries are struggling to fight tickets to the Asian Cup 2019. Latest, arch-rivals Indonesia, Malaysia national team lost 0-2 from Hong Kong, Tuesday (10/10/2017).

Indonesia is absent in this event because AFC is not allowed to appear in the 2019 Asian Cup qualification. Indonesia has been dropped from the preliminary round of qualifying in 2015 because it was currently serving a freezing of FIFA penalties related to government intervention against PSSI.

As a result, the Indonesian national team could not participate in the 2018 World Cup Qualification as well as the 2019 Asian Cup.

At least, there are six countries from Southeast Asia who competed in the qualifying round for the finals. Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar and the Philippines are struggling.

The six Southeast Asian countries will compete with a number of other countries in Asia to enter the 2019 Asian Cup finals. Thailand is the only team from the ASEAN region that has ensured qualification for the 2019 Asian Cup to be held in the United Arab Emirates.