Cech: Lehmann Presence Can Give Difference

Cech: Lehmann Presence Can Give Difference

Arsenal’s main goalkeeper Petr Cech has stated that the appointment of Jens Lehmann as team staff can provide a very positive fresh breeze Agen Judi Online.

The legend of the Gunners is active during the play of well-known soccer discipline and also a very good leader figure both on and off the field. The result when the club is based at Highbury Stadium German man was successful in giving the English League title 2003-2004 and in the next season give the League Cup trophy and Community Shield.

With that record then the club took him to Emirates stadium this summer and is expected his arrival as a staff can provide something positive in the midst of poor team performance last season. Proven not even one year of work, 47-year-old man was able to work with Arsene Wenger well by helping the team win the Community Shield 2017 by overcoming Chelsea last weekend.

So Cech believes that in addition to his task of improving the performance of London goalkeeper Meriam and other players, Jens can help Arsene to bring the team won the prestigious title in the 2017-2018 competition and the following season.

“It’s very impressive for me,” said Petr Cech on the club’s official website.

“I used to play against him, but now he will obviously beada on my side.

“He’s with the team and sometimes just with the goalkeeper too, so that’s good and you can exchange experiences and the way you do things.

“I believe that with his experience and his career, he has a lot to offer. We have met several times from the field but especially we know each other.

“It’s a completely different matter when you talk to someone as a respected opponent or when you talk to someone on your side, where as a coach who tries to fix you and also helps you.

Meanwhile, Lehmann certainly will be focused handled young goalkeeper who is in the main squad, Matt Macey.

Rangnick: No New Contracts for Keita

Rangnick: No New Contracts for Keita

The RB Leipzig club’s Ralf Rangnick hinted that Naby Keita will not be defending next season.

After his performance with the German club is incredible last season then 22-year-old players continue to be linked to join Liverpool in this summer. But the Reds this season should bite the fingers of the club’s article reluctant to remove it. Nevertheless coach Jurgen Klopp is reported to still be waiting until next season.

That certainty, because the player from Guinea has a class in his contract and although asserted previously will not be released, but Rangnick revealed his new contract in may depend on the final result of the 2017-2018 competition.

“At the moment I do not assume that we will be able to extend the contract prematurely,”

“I can assure you that Naby played with us this season. All other scenarios also depend on how this season, how Naby played alone and so on.

“It does not matter at all whether it’s 75 million Euros or 100 million Euros. Because we have not grown for five years so we can lose one of our best players in our first Champions League first year then it does not make sense. We want to be successful in sports, “Ralf Rangnick told the media.