Spalletti: Napoli Successfully Become A Serie A Icon

Spalletti: Napoli Successfully Become A Serie A Icon

Inter coach Luciano Spalletti explains if Napoli are currently an icon for Italian football, but he has not ruled out the team he is currently training in the title race

Only two points separate them, who are top of the table after eight games.

“We have done well for the work the team has done,” said the 58-year-old coach at a press conference.

“Napoli has been working on the same project for three years. It depends on the evaluation and analysis made. In fact they’ve become an icon for Serie A football. ”

“Still, we can not forget the other team because it could be a mistake to underestimate them.”

“Roma are also a very good team, I know them well.”

“Roma had good results last season and lazio is also there.”

“They have picked up important results over the past two or three seasons. After them, there’s Milan. ”

“There is talk of six teams fighting for the top four, but we have to see if we can stay on top of the table.”

Icardi Determined Inter Forever Might May Be

Icardi Determined Inter Forever Might May Be

According to Wanda Nara, the husband of Mauro Icardi has the determination to be able to play for as long as possible with Inter Milan, although the player still leaves a contract long enough Taruhan Bola.

The reason, Icardi still have a contract for four years, but I Nerazzuri diklai eat filed new kontrka next year. It is considered necessary to protect his captain from the target of top European clubs.

“Can Icardi stay at Inter and serve captain forever? I hope so. He has a great ambition for this club and won the title here. I am an Interista and hope that his wish can be achieved, “said Wanda on local media.

Wanda also added that nothing could hamper his husband’s ambition.

“He’s stubborn and will make every effort to reach his dream. Icardi always say want to win trophies with Inter. “He said.

Giovanni Simeone Arrived In Fiorentina

Giovanni Simeone Arrived In Fiorentina

Giovanni Simeone has arrived at the Fiorentina training camp and will undergo a medical checkup ahead of a move from Genoa with a dowry of around 18 million Euros.

Cholito said good-bye to his teammates at Grifone yesterday and tonight the 22-year-old striker was spotted in Florence.

He will undergo a medical test tomorrow before completing the transfer with a cost of 15 million Euro plus another 3 million Euro bonus in relation to performance.

With the arrival of Simeone, Nikola Kalinic was expected to be allowed to go to AC Milan.

Son of Diego Simeone is indeed able to become a famous figure in Serie A thanks to his impressive performance together in Genoa since arriving in 2016.

His figure was a target of the Premier League team, Tottenham Hotspur at the beginning of the month.

Fiorentina is currently looking busy at the transfer market this summer.

About Kondogbia, Inter Milan Plan to Swap Players with Valencia

About Kondogbia, Inter Milan Plan to Swap Players with Valencia

Inter Milan and Valencia are rumored to soon reach an agreement to exchange players between Geoffrey Kondogbia and Joao Cancelo Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

As reported by from Sky Sport Italia, an agreement between the two teams will happen soon before the transfer window closes.

Kondogbia itself is under penalty from the club after leaving Inter Milan training session.

Reportedly, the Frenchman is doing this as a form of protest because they want to move to Valencia.

“Kondogbia is very disappointing and he ruined himself with the act,” said coach Luciano Spalletti.

The problem is, Inter did not want to lose due to buy Kondogbia with an expensive price, which is 36 million euros, in 2015.

Meanwhile, Inter also need players to fill the wing defender position.


They want to find a solution to the two problems with one exchange formula to get a brand-new full back, as well as releasing Kondogbia from the squad.

Therefore, Joao Cancelo became the target of the transfer formula.

The deal between the two clubs is to lend each other players one season with a permanent purchase option in June 2018.

Cancelo is also targeted by several teams, such as Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

Valencia is actually eyeing Inter center back from Colombia origin, Jeison Murillo.

However, it seems Inter are reluctant to release Murillo until they find a new central defender as his successor.

Juventus Reluctant to Raise Matuidi Prices

Juventus Reluctant to Raise Matuidi Prices

Juventus reportedly reluctant to raise offer to Paris Saint-Germain for midfielder Blaise Matuidi over 15 million Euro Bandar Bola.

The Bianconeri are looking for a midfielder this season, and are trying to get back their luck over the Frenchman after failing to sign him last season.

According to the media, the player was born April 9, 1987 is the main target of Juve short list, but the Italian club is reluctant to raise offer above 15 million Euro.

Because PSG membandrol price 20 million Euro for 30-year-old players, both teams reached the current impasse.

With the possibility of a Barca striker, Neymar, to PSG, they should seek funding from player sales to ensure the club remains in compliance with the prevailing financial regulations.

In addition, Le Parisien reports that Matuidi has shown an interest in moving to English clubs, although media in Paris believe in an agreement between him and Juve.

Dzeko memuji pemain baru Roma

Dzeko memuji pemain baru Roma

Setelah kehilangan adu penalti mereka ke Juventus pada hari Minggu, Edin Dzeko memuji pergerakan Roma di bursa transfer, namun tidak pasti apakah celah di Serie A telah ditutup.

Dzeko mencetak equalizer melawan Juve di Piala Champions Internasional sebelum menyuarakan dukungannya untuk pendatang Aleksandar Kolarov dan Cengiz Under.

Mantan rekan satu tim di Manchester City, Kolarov dan Dzeko telah terhubung dengan baik, dengan bek Serbia yang membantu Bosnia selama bermain imbang 1-1 di Foxborough.

“Kami saling mengenal dengan baik,” kata Dzeko sesudahnya. “Dia memberikan banyak assist untuk saya di Premier League.

“Dia adalah pemain yang sangat kuat, siapa yang membantu Roma ini dan saya senang dia datang ke sini.”

Di bawah, yang terjaring hukumannya dalam kehilangan tembak-menembak 5-4, Dzeko yakin dia memiliki bakat mentah dan akhirnya bisa menjadi tambahan positif.

“Dia sangat kuat, dan kita sudah melihat itulah sebabnya Roma membelinya,” katanya. “Dia punya banyak kualitas, dan dia masih muda, berarti dia bisa belajar dan memperbaiki di sini.”

Meski meraih juara musim lalu dengan denda, petenis berusia 31 tahun itu tidak yakin akan peluang Roma untuk menantang 2017-18.

“Itu adalah pertandingan pra-musim, jadi saya tidak tahu apakah Anda bisa mengambil banyak dari itu,” kata Dzeko.

“Juve tetap menjadi tim yang kuat, dan tim lain telah banyak membeli pemain, tapi saya pikir Serie A akan lebih baik tahun ini.

“Kami melakukannya dengan baik dan kami telah berlatih dengan baik di Amerika, saya pikir kami siap untuk musim baru, tapi kami masih punya waktu 20 hari lagi.”