Doctor Persib Reveal Condition Van Dijk, Kim, and Tantan

Doctor Persib Reveal Condition Van Dijk, Kim, and Tantan

Sergio Van Dijk, Kim Jefrey Kurniawan, and Tantan are still in healing period so they can not join Persib Bandung.

It was revealed Rafi Gani who is a team doctor Persib. According to Rafi, the three players began to show good progress.

For Van Dijk, for example, the injury is relatively healed and just restore physical fitness alone. While Kim Jeffrey is still in recovering with therapy and can walk without a stick.

“He also has started doing light exercise,” said Rafi when met at Seskoad field, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Bandung, Thursday (14/12/2017).

Meanwhile Tantan is still a problem in the right knee. Based on the information he got, Tantan still felt a little pain. It plans to bring Tantan back to an orthopedic specialist for a follow-up examination.

“We’ll take Tantan to an orthopedic specialist, we’ll see if we need follow-up or what,” he said.

Even so, he called the injuries suffered by Tantan did not enter into the weight category so that the recovery period later predicted did not last long.

“If you look at Tantan, the recovery of this injury will be fast, because I know what Tantan is like, although in general the recovery time of the bone takes up to six months,” he said.

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